I created this blog in hopes to inform more people out there about the Bible’s Book of Revelation which I think is a very significant part of the Holy Book. It talks about the coming of the Holy One to judge people according to what they have done. All of these are told by one of Jesus’ Apostle, John whom these truths were revealed to during his imprisonment in the Island of Patmos.

Today, we see all types of things that are related to this Holy Scripture told by John. The Book says that by the 6th trumpet of the angels, 1/3 of Earth’s population will be killed. He also said that those who survive these tragedies are the ones who did not repent.

More people can relate this to the tragedies that are happening today. From earthquakes to tsunamis to terrorism, we see innocent people succumbing to the plague. However, even when seeing this, the people do not see the need to repent. Instead, they mock those people who offer prayers and seek guidance from the Lord.

I would like to reach out to these people by leading them to the Book of Revelation which holds the truth. If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email. I will be glad to help. Let us all spread the meaning of this very important book that holds the future of mankind as well as each and every one of us.