Tips on Choosing Crossbow Cases

Just like the white horseman’s bow in the Book of Revelation, we want to take care of our crossbows as much as we can. If you want to keep your crossbow safe while traveling with it to your hunting or practice spot or when you’re not using it and you want to store it in your garage, you might want to put it in a case. The primary choices when it comes to crossbow cases are soft and hard cases. Choosing which one is right for you will depend on the mode of transportation that you use and how often you use it for hunting or target shooting.

Soft case crossbow case

Soft cases give your crossbow a pretty good kind of protection if you are not a frequent flyer. These cases are not very expensive and they have side pockets to store your other gears like arrows, quiver, wax and other things. If you are not using your crossbow, these type of cases can be folded to take up less space. If you want to store your bow, these cases also make for a good case because they can protect your bow from getting minor bumps and dirt. However, if you want to fly with your crossbow or you want to take it with you using your pick-up truck, a soft crossbow case will not do the job. Most of these soft cases are not waterproof so if it rains, your bow is not protected.
Also, when you’re driving, these cases will not provide good cushioning for your bow. If you plan on taking it with you all the time when you drive or fly, you might as well consider getting a hard case for your crossbow’s protection.

Hard cases for crossbows

Hard cases for crossbows are sturdier, protects your bow from different kinds of bumps and weather resistant as well as approved for airline travel. If you are the type who wants to leave your crossbow for days in your truck and find time after work to go hunting, this is the case that is best suited for you. Also, if you travel by plane to go to your hunting spot, you will be happy to know that hard cases are the approved by most airlines and give them a place where you can store them. These cases are also strong enough to withstand being at the bottom of your hunting gear and not being crushed. The only thing that is not good about these bags is that they are heavy and bulky. If you don’t plan to use them all the time, they tend to take up lots of space. Another disadvantage is that if you don’t own a pick-up truck, this will not fit at the trunk of your car. They are also more expensive than a soft crossbow case ranging from $100 or more. Most hunters will not spend this much just for a case to put their crossbows in considering the cost of crossbows.

Some crossbows come with a case included with the package. If you really want to have a case that is going to keep your crossbow safe during travels, you better look for a deal like this.